A Quilt Ambassador is a valued member of our community. They help to welcome new members, answer questions about how we keep Quilt safe and inclusive, co-host quilts with new folks who are Quilt Curious (or shy), and spread the word about Quilt externally. Most of all, they help uphold the Quilt values to ensure our community stays the special place that it is. Quilt Ambassadors take pride in their role as highly-trusted members. Also, our Ambassadors like to have fun so a sense of humor is HIGHLY recommended!

What does that look like?

Our Quilt values are care, collaboration, contribution, and curiosity. Quilt Ambassadors are a diverse community who share their love of Quilt and passion for upholding the Quilt values both on and off Quilt.

There are two tiers to the Quilt Ambassador program. The first tier is a Quilt Community Ambassador. This Ambassador is a welcoming friend on the platform who joins Quilts, supports new Quilters, shares Quilt externally and sometimes co-hosts Quilts! Quilt Community Ambassadors receive special perks including the opportunity to attend special Ambassador-only events, an Ambassador badge, our weekly Ambassador newsletter, exclusive Quilt swag and more! Anyone is welcome to apply to be a Quilt Community Ambassador. Let's gooooo.

After one month in the Quilt Community Ambassador program, a member can be eligible to be a Quilt Ambassador Guide. The Ambassador Guide program is an incentivized version of our Ambassador program. This program includes all of the previous perks in addition to an incentivized bonus. Woo hoo!

To apply to become a Quilt Ambassador, please fill out the form below!