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Quilt Guides are the warm welcome hug of the Quilt community. They are Quilters who consistently champion those around them, share vulnerably, listen without judgment, and show up in support of the greater good of the Quilt experience.

The Quilt Guide program is our way of recognizing those who are living out our core values. As a Guide, you'll receive an official Guide badge on your profile, opportunities to collaborate on Quilt, invites to private Guide parties + experiences, and other fun surprises. (HINT: gifting is our love language 🤗)

Embodying the Quilt values looks a little different for everyone, and we love that! We encourage Guides to show up in ways that feel the best to them. If you’re having a blast on Quilt, and want to make an even stronger impact within the community, you’re in the right place.

✨ So, what does a Guide actually do? Here are some examples:

  1. Hosting, joining, and/or actively participating in weekly quilts

  2. Welcoming new Quilters by following them, joining their rooms, answering questions, and offering to co-host

  3. Engaging with our Partners by amplifying their quilts and contributing to their conversations

  4. Sharing ideas and feedback on how to thoughtfully support the Quilt community


Offering guidance as a Quilt Guide means sharing perspective, a window into what has been illuminating and supportive for you on your Quilt journey. It does not mean giving advice. Guides recognize that their voice matters and they can make a difference by thoughtfully sharing their experience and actively listening to others.

To become a Quilt Guide, simply fill out the form below to share a little more about yourself. Once you submit, lookout for an email from with next steps.

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