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Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines allow us to provide a welcoming, safe space for all. We agree to show up in the following ways for each other:


1. In community, we’re all equal and our freedom extends as far as another’s begins. Everyone has a right to feel safe. Everyone has a right to share her feelings or ideas. 


2. No two people are having the same experience. We are a diverse community that celebrates our uniqueness and authenticity. Let’s welcome different perspectives, and make an effort to learn from them.


3. For change to occur we must believe it’s possible. We kindly and compassionately hold ourselves and each other accountable to keep growing and moving forward.


4. Our experience is the outcome of every person in the group. We share responsibility for the content and contributors in a conversation, and any complications that arise.  

5. Safety relies on trust and transparency. We agree to share only what we know to be true based on experience and wisdom.   


6. Our highest purpose is to advance the collective and serve the greatest good.


We reserve the right to ask anyone to exit Quilt who can’t respect our values. 

Please be mindful so we can keep enjoying your company.

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