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The Why, the What, the How

You know that high you get after having a conversation where you lose track of time?


That's what happens on Quilt.


We created Quilt, because the world is changing all around us and we need a place to go that feels good. A place for fun, warm, inspiring, spontaneous conversations with people who get it. 


Right now we’re in beta (AKA a fancy way of saying we’re not full grown… yet). Quilt is hosted on TestFlight for iOS, which is an app that gives baby apps like ours a home for testing, learning, and growing.


We’re welcoming anyone who wants to be a part of creating this new reality with us. You’ll start and listen to conversations, and you’ll share with friends who need this too, because we all do.


We’re talking about everything from relationships, to careers, to moon cycles.


Come hang!



All Black lives matter.

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