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Where meaningful connection meets live conversation

Quilt is the audio social network for live, supportive, feel good conversations—just like hopping on the phone with a friend when you need it most.


We’re a new kind of social network, inspired by 2020. A feminine space, open to all genders. Quilt is currently in beta, so share your info with us here and we’ll text you to welcome you on.

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Where conversation is self-care.

Are you craving new ways to relate to yourself and the world around you? Yeah, us too. That’s why we created Quilt: a new space to embrace our curiosity, together, where self-care is fun. This year has taught us that it’s time to bring the heart of our offline communities, online. So that no matter where we are, we have instant access to a space that feels good with people who just get it. And, the beauty of our community is that, despite the world around us, Quilt is always there for you no matter where you are on your journey.

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Overheard on Quilt


I’ve felt less isolated and have felt like I am a part of a community. After a Quilt session I feel more filled up and poured into.


I Quilt while I drive, while I cook, while I take walks—seriously whenever.


Quilt is my new ritual. It’s like yoga but for conversation.

It’s like a voice chat with a group of friends who are all super respectful of giving people the space to be heard.


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