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Our Manifesto

After we’ve taken our first breath, and walked our first step, the next pivotal moment is our first word. Words. Then sentences. And then the much more complicated, more nuanced, more emotionally fulfilling, draining, and affecting, conversations. 


When we learn to exchange our words for someone else’s, and the emotional depth, complexity, and contagion that might come with them, we unlock shared purpose. We believe that discovering conversation is discovering that it, whatever “it” is, is no longer just about you. 


So, we created a platform where we can all have more conversations with each other, about the good, bad, harsh, heavy, funny, confusing, enlightening, inspiring, and completely mundane thoughts and feelings that we all experience every day. Because we believe in a good conversation, but more importantly we believe that good conversations can make life better and more purposeful for each of us. 

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