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Where meaningful connection meets live conversation

Quilt is the supportive audio social network for real-time, feel-good conversations—just like hopping on the phone with a friend when you need it most.

We’re a new kind of social space, inspired by 2020. A space that prioritizes feelings and personal experiences over looks, status and expertise. We're a community that cares about inclusivity and we welcome all gender identities.

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Conversations that bring us closer

We spent a lot of time on social media hoping to fulfill our need for connection and community. It didn't go well. So we created Quilt: a new social space who's goal is to leave you feeling better every time. No more status, filters, comparison, just good old fashion conversations with people who get it.

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Overheard on Quilt


I’ve felt less isolated and have felt like I am a part of a community. After a Quilt session I feel more filled up and poured into.


I Quilt while I drive, while I cook, while I take walks—seriously whenever.


Quilt is my new ritual. It’s like yoga but for conversation.

It’s like a voice chat with a group of friends who are all super respectful of giving people the space to be heard.