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Quilt is a social network for supportive conversations

It's like hopping on the phone with a friend or meeting new people at a retreat. Let quilting become a part of your daily self-care routine.


Meet some of our hosts

From spirituality and mental health, to love and relationships, to career and purpose, we talk about it all.

Jae Rae

Dr. Jessica Clemons

Bethany C. Meyers

Sah D'Simone

MaryAnn DiMarco

Tallulah Willis

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Ryan Weiss

Grace Harry

Lily Cornell Silver

Bri Luna

The Hoodwitch

Marlee Grace

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Conversations that bring us closer

We spent a lot of time on social media last year hoping to fulfill our need for connection and community. It didn't go well. So, we created Quilt: a new social space with the goal to leave you feeling better every time. No more status, filters, comparison, just good old fashion conversations with people who get it.



I’ve felt less isolated and have felt like I am a part of a community. After a Quilt session I feel more filled up and poured into.

Overheard on Quilt


Quilt is my new ritual. It’s like yoga but for conversation.


I Quilt while I drive, while I cook, while I take walks—seriously whenever.

It’s like a voice chat with a group of friends who are all super respectful of giving people the space to be heard.